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Lash Mentorship Program

As a Master Lash Artist I have so much lived experience in the industry. I've worked for a salon, opened my own studio, educated for a major lash brand, travelled to the states as a lash educator, gone through a health inspection with the health department, and even won 1st place in a lash competition. All this experience has lead me to where I am today and I want to help other lash artists grow their business and artistry to the next level.

I'm going to teach you

Keys to running a successful business

-Helping you figure what makes you special and in demand in the lash industry

-How to manage your lash cash

-Knowing your numbers by understanding how much you're really making

-Pricing guide, charging your worth

Mastering social media

-Learning my proven planning framework

-How to engage with your audience 

-Creating the best visual content for maximum engagement

-Website building and refresh

Client Experience

-Maximizing client retention, keeping clients longterm

-Start to finish appointment luxury

-Client tracking index

Being a lash artist although incredibly rewarding comes with it's challenges. Sometimes we take a lash course and it left us with gaps in our learning or we need more guidance on certain things. 

This is where my Lash Mentorship program comes in. This program is there to elevate you through this thriving new industry. You get one on one time with myself going over what ever obstacles you face. A safe space to ask questions about all things lashes and business. Whatever your pain point is we can work through it together and get you continuing on your success path.

Boost your confidence and fine tune your skills. 

Your success is inevitable, let's do something extraordinary

Call or email for more information, I'm excited to hear from you

This program is for already certified Lash Artists and will not cover the same amount of material in a full certification course. Rather we will be going over customized content for your needs, to improve existing skills and knowledge.

This program is open to all Certified Lash Professionals

Let's take your business and Artistry to the next level!