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Are you packing lunch for work?

Updated: Jan 18

As service providers, we can work long days back to back clients. I know you saw the title and thought lunch? Who has time for lunch?

As a lash artist, I used to eat lunch maybe 1 out of the 4 days I worked and honestly it was by fluke. It is horrible for your body. Remember we do intricate work so we NEED good nutrition in our bodies to push through. You're probably thinking again, OK Claire but I don't have time! Well, I've come up with a compromise.

What is my not so secret hack? I pack really good easy snacks that I can eat in less than 5 minutes between clients. I pack a bento box that has different compartments and pack myself what I call premium snacks. Things I'm actually going to eat that will give me some energy to get through my day. Nothing was worse than working 9 hours and going home starving pounding down a bag of chips or cookies because I needed to put something in my belly.

My fav premium Snacks




-Snap peas

-Roasted chicken strips

-Mixed nuts


Super simple things you can pack and eat quickly. Honestly, I promise your mood and work will improve if you eat throughout your workdays. Oh and we can't forget water, get yourself a new fancy water bottle, keep it close and while your clients are paying or gathering their things get to sippin'.

You got this!

xo, Claire