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Getting the Best Retention for your Clients

Updated: Jan 20

If you've ever been on a lash forum you know the most asked question is "how do I get better retention". Now I don't believe in any miracle adhesive I think great retention is two-part 30% what the client does for aftercare and 70% the lash artists application.

I know we never want the issue to be us but sometimes it can be. With a few simple fixes, we can eliminate the issue.

Now trust me I've been there, clients coming back with little to no lashes, clients being frustrated and dropping off. It honestly sucks so let's get into what can be done.

#1 Wash your client's lashes

Yes at every single appointment wash their lashes. But Claire they look clean...still wash them. Figuring out poor retention is all about removing potential variables. Washing your client's lashes at the start of the appointment ensures 100% that you are working on a clean surface and it only takes a few minutes.

#2 Can you see

A poorly attached extensions mind as well not even be put on in the first place. Can you see the base of every natural lash you are applying to? If not you need to adjust your seating, lighting or possibly get magnifying eyewear. When I moved into my new space with better lighting I couldn't believe all the lashes I could now see.

#3 Are you using enough adhesive

We've heard it over and over don't use too much adhesive. However, sometimes we do need a little more. If my humidity is very high I like to have a tiny bead at the end of the lash. (I know this is older teaching) But if the humidity is high we need to use a little more.

#4 Have you told your client's about proper aftercare?

We can't expect the client to read our minds. We have to tell them EXACTLY how we want them to take care of their lashes. If they come in with makeup residue or build-up take a picture, show them and go over it again. We can't control what they do when they leave our doors but we can give them the tools needed.

Try implementing these steps for better retention, but do keep in mind lashes are not invincible. They do shed and need to be filled every 2-3 weeks.

xo, Claire