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How to rock your Instagram Stories

Updated: Jan 18

I'm so glad you're here, you’ve joined a growing community of Lash Artists who want to learn more about business, the industry, trends and above all finding our passion and purpose!

So let's jump right in. Instagram stories are rapidly becoming a huge aspect of social media. The feedback is undeniable people are in LOVE!

I noticed my user behaviours change when I started watching stories more than I scrolled. Now if I'm doing this whole else is?

These are the tips that have made my engagement on my stories incredible and inevitably have lead to more clients and helped me make some of the BEST lash friends a girl could ask for.


Show up! Every single day. I know you're probably thinking are you serious Claire? I am. This doesn't have to be a story that is 10 segments long, it just has to be something fun your followers can click to get you into the rotation of stories.


Share content from your grid. As I mentioned before more people are watching stories so they may miss your post. Um hello did you see the amazing lashes I did?? Share it to your stories the day after you post it with a caption that reads something like "new post" "did you see my caption on this one?" Not only did you get story engagement but if they went to see your post you got engagement there also.


Show your face. I know I know this can be a really scary one. But I will tell you it has 100% increased my engagement in my stories. Remember you are not just a lash artist you are a BRAND. Clients want to know what your vibe is. If you follow me you'll notice I'm on my stories a lot, often showing my face. Sometimes I'm dolled up, sometimes I look a mess. It's OK. Clients can completely relate to the crazy life I have. I had a client tell me directly she picked me because she loved my stories so much! Guys it works!


Share your last-minute openings. Stories are mainly for starting a conversation, building an identity and engagement, however, this is a sales aspect I like to add-in. Every week usually a Sunday or Monday I'll throw up a story with any gaps I have in my schedule that I want to fill. I ALWAYS fill at least one spot. It takes 2 minutes to put up and you can book a client. Pretty sweet deal.


Be consistent. My stories now have amazing engagement but it took months for people to buy-in. Don't fell discouraged if you put up a poll and no one clicks (Trust me I've been there...a few times), try another one in a few days. When people do or don't engage take that as data, use it and come up with a new strategy.

Stories don't have to be terrifying I promise:)

xo, Claire