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I got up for a week at 6am and this is what happened

Updated: Jan 18

I'll start off by saying I LOVE, like really LOVE my sleep. If I was allowed to sleep in daily until about 11 am I could do it. The blankets call me.

I've been reading books and listening to podcasts about what makes entrepreneurs successful, and one thing that always comes up is morning routine. Many like to get up EARLY, personally, for me, 6 am was early but these guys are doing 4:30 am meetings. So I didn't want to start with something I knew was completely unattainable. 6 am seemed fair.

My routine--wake up, put on some classical music, drink a big glass of water, do a bit of stretching, make a coffee and go. I'd write a list of a few things I wanted to get done and give myself until 8 am. This time has been incredible. As many of you know I'm a mom and sometimes during the day it's hard to get business stuff done because you are spending time with them. (which is what I want)

Having this special morning time has so valuable because I work intentionally and for a longer period. Before I would get things done in fragments a bit here a bit there. I'm focused on the tasks I need to get done. Everyone morning I've knocked off everything from my list.

I did have a slip up one morning. I couldn't sleep the night before and when my alarm went off in the morning I went back to sleep and got up at 7 am. I felt so defeated like all the other days I got up didn't matter. I had to snap out of it, that's completely ridiculous.

So instead after a pep talk from my husband I continued with my kid's morning routine. When they left for school and daycare I had about an hour and I worked intentionally for the time I had and got my list completed. What I want you to take away from that is one slip up doesn't ruin all the progress.

My conclusion, could I continue with this? Honestly, I think I could! The benefits have been so rewarding. I feel accomplished, I go to bed earlier, I pick up my phone SO much less during the day, spend more time with the boys...and the list keeps going. I encourage you to try this out. A week isn't much to commit to, you may surprise you're self and want to keep it going.

xo, Claire