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Making Your Client Experience Amazing

Updated: Jan 19

Want long term clients? Want your clients to give you tons of referrals? In my business generally, once I get a client they stay with me long term and most of my clients have brought me multiple referrals. Why? Because they love the experience they get when they come to see me. If your clients aren't coming back but you know the lashes are fire you need to look at the experience they're having when they come through your doors.

Let your clients lead the conversation. They are paying for lashes but are also just paying for your time. Try to refrain from talking about yourself and any problems you're going through.

Be positive. I personally have been at lash appointments where the artist is complaining about my lashes, or the adhesive, or how they're struggling. It makes for a very uncomfortable appointment. You want your client's feel happy from beginning to end. My client never knows if I'm having a bad lash day, I just keep it moving.

Are your clients comfortable? Even if your room is warm laying completely still can have us feeling pretty chilly. Offer them a blanket. (Yes more laundry for us) however, in the end, it goes a long way. Also if they're warm and comfortable they may sleep or at the very least they'll stay still.

Go the extra mile! Remember small things about their last appointment, exciting moments they have going on at work, our clients spend a lot of one on one time with us it's important they feel comfortable and important. Because they are!

Your success is inevitable, let's do something extraordinary

xo, Claire