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Opening a Lash Studio

Updated: Jan 19

September 2019 I signed my lease for my new lash studio. I stepped out of the basement room I was renting and into the light of a new space to work, build and grow my business.

It definitely wasn't as easy as signing a piece of paper. I'm going to share my journey with you.

We need to take it back to June 2019. I had been stalking an empty unit for a few months at this point, reading the specs online and walking by peering in the windows. I'm not sure what was different this day but I finally decided to give the realtor a call. I was so nervous! We set up a meeting to look at the unit, it was perfect I could see the vision of the future location of Lashes by Claire. Easy enough right? Where do I sign?

Not that simple. I had to put in an offer to lease. This is where we go back and forth negotiating what I and the landlord want for rent, utilities, closing date, etc. Honestly, this was a PROCESS! We went back and forth for about 2 months. At one point I almost gave up, made a sad Instagram post and decided it wasn't going to happen.

Then I realized I've made it this far in negotiations why not continue. I was firm in what I wanted in my final offer. And guess what? It worked we came to an agreement!

Ok, so now where do I sign?

No, no Claire there is another step.

Now we need to finalize the lease.

I was given a copy of the lease to go over, make sure everything was ok and also having a lawyer look over it. Leases are legal agreements and aren't written in plain language so have a professional look over it.

After all, this and months later we finally got to the day of signing the lease! Literally, the clouds opened and angels sang. Obviously, this was a huge moment in my life and as hard as it was I wouldn't change it at all because it made me stronger and I learned so much.

Two things I want you to take away from this post do your research and get expert help when needed.

Your success is inevitable, let's do something extraordinary!

xo, Claire

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