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What you need to get started as a new Lash Artist

Updated: Jan 19

There are a million and one things that are marketed to us daily! When starting a new career it's easy to get caught up in all the hype and want to buy every single thing that is shown to us. But what do we need when we are starting? Here is my roundup of 4 things that you absolutely need when starting as a lash artist.

1) A second pair of tweezers. This is not only important if you are doing clients back to back (you need time to clean them) but what if heaven forbid you drop your tweezers. Many of us have been there and if you're in the middle of a set without a back up you're SOL. Your back upset doesn't have to be your holy grail pair they just need to get you through in case of emergency.

2) A good humidifier. When I say good I don't mean drop 5 bills on a Dyson, just something that does a small size room. Regulating your humidity is key for optimal adhesive conditions.

3) A mask. I cannot believe how many lash artists are out here breathing on people. A mask not only protects you from the fumes of the adhesive but also prevents you from sharing coffee breath with your clients. I've gained clients because their previous lash artist had bad breath.

4) A sturdy bed. This one will take some time to get as they can be pretty expensive. I lashed for 3 years with a portable massage table and although I added memory foam to it, it wasn't super solid. When I had heavier clients it would creek and they would be uncomfortable. When I got my solid wooden bed all my clients noticed and felt 100% more comfortable. If you can put aside some money every week and upgrade your bed as soon as you get a chance.

I know it can be overwhelming starting, but try to cut out the noise and really think of what will be practical for your business.

xo, Claire