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When you don't want to keep going

We all feel it time to time where we just don't want to continue our goal. Everything seems to be getting in the way, you're unmotivated, you've lost sight of the end goal.

When I'm feeling like this it's important to bring it back to your WHY. I'm sure you've heard this concept before "finding your why" it's so important. When you remember why you started your hustle it reignites a fire in your spirit to keep going. So how do we pull the reasons we started out of us when everything seems like it's falling apart?

Make a gratitude list

Include all the things your journey to your goal has given you. Opportunities, friendships, more freedom. List all of it, nothing is too small. When I look back at my gratitude list there are things listed on there like the ability to have a morning coffee with my husband. We often forget to include small things. When we're in a negative space we think about how we haven't moved into our dream location yet or how the sales for last month were low.

However, if we look at everything there are so many amazing things our hustle has afforded us, they don't always present themselves in beautifully gift-wrapped boxes, we have to look deep but there is so much good there.

I encourage you when you're feeling low, don't know if this hustle life is for you to make a gratitude list, and include everything!

xo, Claire

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