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5 Tips for perfect aftercare

September 1, 2017


Ok you have your dream lashes...now what? Here are some tips to keep them looking amazing


1) NO mascara or eyeliner

Mascara and eyeliner can build up in the lash line and weaken the glue bonds. Even worse it can cause bacteria to build up and lead to infections. 


2) Keep them clean!

Even if you are sticking to the no mascara or eyeliner rule we still need to keep our lashes clean by washing them with a extension specific shampoo


3) Stay away from extreme heat

Yes you can still enjoy campfires but don't get super close. Lashes are synthetic and therefore can melt. This applies to lighting a lighter or even when you open up the oven be cautious to keep your face back.


4) Brush Brush Brush

At your appointment you will be given a lash brush. Make sure you are brushing your lashes a few times a day especially if you have volume fans on. 


5) Sleep on your back

Ok I know this is a really hard one . How can we know what we're doing when we sleep. I just say try your best. Sleeping on your side can cause the outer extensions to shed faster. 


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