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Questions to ask your potential lash artist

May 3, 2016

Ok so you've finally decided to get lash extensions but have no idea where to start. Lash extensions are going through a huge boom right now which means a new artist is popping up in your area daily. How do you know which artist is right for you? Here are some questions to ask. In my opinion any reputable artist would be willing to answer these questions.


1) Where and when did you get your certification?

Sad news but in Canada you do not need to be licensed to do lash extensions. However it is so important that you choose an artist who has taken professional training. Bonus points if they do continuing education. 


2) What's your sanitation process?

You want to know that the tools your artist is using have been properly sanitized so they are safe. Some of the tools used to apply eyelash extensions like the tweezers are not disposable so they need a sanitation process. 


3) What are you using on me?

This will vary from artist to artist but if my clients ask, I tell them what I've used on their eyes. Lengths, diameters, curls etc. Maybe this information isn't important to you but if it is you should get a straightforward answer.


4) What do I need to do for aftercare

This is important! Ideally you should get an aftercare sheet from your lash artist after your appointment but, if you don't ask how you need to take care of them. Getting them applied is only the first step. Good aftercare keeps them looking amazing.


5) Can I see pictures of your work?

We live in the age of social media so hopefully you've checked out your lash artist on Facebook or Instagram before hand. However if you haven't when you meet them ask to see some pictures to make sure you like their style and the quality of work is good. 


6) Anything else? 

If you have other questions ask them! We are dealing with a very sensitive part of your body and you want to feel totally at ease before and after your appointment. If you have questions don't be afraid to ask.




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